Custom Woodturning


This group of photos shows the diversity of my work and equipment.  They include pictures of finished work, machine set-up, and operations of various kinds.  I hope you enjoy seeing them.  Click on each photo to see the full view.

Architectural Restoration

I have been making columns, turned (porch) posts, finials, balusters, and newell posts for many decades.  I have extensive knowledge of the details of classic design columns.  Equipment capabilities (see “my shop” link above) includes a Putnam extension-bed lathe that will turn columns or posts up to 12 feet in length and column bases up to four feet in diameter.  

Furniture Components

Not just table legs, my work includes turned components for all kinds of furniture such as chairs, beds, cabinets, finials, round table tops, etc.  This includes specialty turnings such as Dutch foot (aka pad foot, or club foot) legs (see article), and angled back legs of chairs (see article).

Turned Furniture

My furniture is mostly or entirely made of turned components.  This includes, tables (gate leg tables a speciality), beds, banister back chairs, and more.  I can turn round table tops up to 4 feet in diameter.

Pool Cues

These 2-piece cues are suitable for pocket billiards (pool), billiards, or snooker.  All my cues are 58" (147 cm) long, weigh 19 ounces (540 g), and have a tip diameter of 12.5 mm.  The joint consists of a 5/16 x 14 screw and the brass collar diameter is 0.840" (21.3 mm).